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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

“Thinking Globally:  Mandeville, Memory, and Mappaemundi.”  Co-Authored with Anna Waymack.  The Medieval Globe, 4 no. 2 (Fall, 2018).  Forthcoming.

Eight Islands on Four Maps:  The Cartographic Negotiation of Hawai’i, 1876-1959.”  Cartographica, 50 no. 3 (Fall, 2015):  119-140.
* Listed as Cartographica‘s most read article (2015-present)

Edited Collection Publications

“The Bridge to Scotland:  Matthew Paris and the Politics of Mapping Bridges in Thirteenth-Century Britain.”  In Proceedings of the 2017 BRIDGE Conference.  University of Birmingham:  Birmingham, England.  Forthcoming in 2018.

Digital Publications

Introductory Guide to Blackboard for FWS Instructors.”  Cornell University Libguide Site.  Fall, 2016.

Digital Resources at Cornell.”  Cornell University Libguide Site.  Spring 2016.

Omeka: Neatline.”  Part of the Cornell University “Omeka” Libguide Site.  Spring, 2016.