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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

“Thinking Globally:  Mandeville, Memory, and Mappaemundi.”  Co-Authored with Anna Waymack.  The Medieval Globe, 4 no. 2 (Fall, 2018).  Forthcoming.

Eight Islands on Four Maps:  The Cartographic Negotiation of Hawai’i, 1876-1959.”  Cartographica, 50 no. 3 (Fall, 2015):  119-140.
* Listed as Cartographica‘s most read article (2015-present)

Edited Collection Publications

“The Bridge to Scotland:  Matthew Paris and the Politics of Mapping Bridges in Thirteenth-Century Britain.”  In Proceedings of the 2017 BRIDGE Conference.  University of Birmingham:  Birmingham, England.  Forthcoming in 2018.

Digital Publications

De Homine a Muribus Dilacerato.  An illustrated flipbook version of a story from William of Malemsbury’s Gesta Regnum Anglorum.  Fall, 2017.

Introductory Guide to Blackboard for FWS Instructors.”  Cornell University Libguide Site.  Fall, 2016.

Digital Resources at Cornell.”  Cornell University Libguide Site.  Spring 2016.

Omeka: Neatline.”  Part of the Cornell University “Omeka” Libguide Site.  Spring, 2016.