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Professional Development

I firmly believe that excellence in teaching is a process, rather than a product, and that it requires continuing reassessment of style, technique, and philosophy.  This section details the professional development and training activities that I have engaged in to improve my teaching.

The workshops and roundtables listed here are not ones that I have led, but rather ones that I have participated in.  To see descriptions of specific classwork, click the inverted caret (  ) next to the course that you wish to examine.


Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom
Cornell University (Fall 2018)   

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom is designed for Cornell instructors, with the goal of building confidence to address challenges and communicate effectively with students across difference. To this end, Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom explores strategies for inclusive course design and pedagogical practices that effectively support student engagement. The course includes videos, activities, readings, and opportunities for some discussion with peers within the Cornell community. In addition to inclusive course design and teaching strategies, participants will be invited to reflect on their own formative experiences as learners, teachers, and members of discipline.”

The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education
Cornell University (Fall 2017), ALS 6015    

“The course will assist graduate students prepare for a faculty position in higher education. Course assignments and activities cover effective teaching and professional development…The course covers faculty roles and responsibilities, educational philosophies, learning theories, instructional methods, course design, assessment among others.” 

Teaching Writing
Cornell University (Summer 2014), WRIT 7100.   

“This course prepares graduate instructors of Cornell’s First-Year Writing Seminars to teach courses that both introduce undergraduates to particular fields of study and help them develop writing skills they will need throughout their undergraduate careers. Seminar discussions and readings on pedagogical theories and practices provide an overview of the teaching of writing within a disciplinary context.” 

Teaching Pedagogy for the Graduate Teaching Assistant
East Tennessee State University (Fall 2012), GRAD 5110.   

“This course focuses on higher education teaching pedagogy and effectiveness in difference settings such as classroom and laboratory. The course is designed to complement discipline-specific activities such as ‘Supervised Experience in Teaching’ courses, and it will emphasize effective communication as well as classroom management strategies.” 

Workshops and Roundtables Attended

Connecting Teaching and Research Conference. Presentations and panel discussions focused on Teaching as Research as pedagogical practice. Cornell University (Spring 2018)

8th Annual Conference on Teaching Excellence. Panel discussions on discipline-specific classroom innovating, measuring the impact of student learning, and handling hot moments in and out of the classroom. Cornell University (Spring 2018).

“Theater Techniques for Enhancing Teaching and Public Speaking.”  Workshop, Cornell University (Fall 2017).

“Research and Scholarship as Community Engagement.”  Workshop, Cornell University (Fall, 2017).

“Active Learning Strategies.”  Workshop, Cornell University (Fall 2017).

Other Programs

Medieval Studies Pedagogy Working Group (Fall 2018)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program.  Cornell University (Spring 2018).

Pizza and Pedagogy Teacher Support Group.  Cornell University (Spring 2018).

Center for Teaching Innovation Fellowship Program, Cornell University (2017-2018).

Knight Institute Peer Collaboration Program with Anna Waymack.  Cornell University (Spring 2017).
—  Collaboration Report